Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fritter Friday

This week we read several articles and stories about fritters. They were mainly about seafood fritters one was Whitebait Fritters. Ms Hand said we could make Mock Whitebait Fritters so we looked up recipes online. For fun our teacher said we could also make Banana Fritters.


  1. Hi Room 19,

    I enjoyed reading about Fritter Friday. Banana fritters are delicious. When I was your age, I was allowed to go to the fish and chip shop at lunch time and would buy some hot chips and a banana fritter. The owner would put sugar and cinnamon round the outside of this deep fried banana. Whitebait fritters are very popular down in the South Island and it is a delicacy.

    Keep up the great learning,
    Miss Paton

  2. Hi, room 19,
    It look like that you have done a lots of work cooking Fritter.
    What did you like about cooking Fritter and it is fun to cook Fritter at school with your class mates, what did it taste, was it nice or was it like not that good and.
    How you enjoyed cooking Fritter.

    By Nataleya