Tuesday, 16 February 2016

New Chromebook Learners- What we want to know

In Room 19, there are several students who are completely new to using Chromebooks. We shared some of the things we would like to know. If you know how to do some of them, we'd love you to comment or leave your email address so we can get in touch!

Laycen "What's the difference between http and https?"
Essa "How to make an animation picture."
Lorenzo "How to make a video, and send a link to a video from YouTube."

Mohammed "How to make a website."
Maz "How to download songs and games from the internet."
Quinn "How to animate Google Slides."

John David "How to comment on Google Docs."
Andre "How to change the background on your chromebook."
Luke "How to make a website and how to download things."

Romena "How to use or make Google Slides."
Sadiyah "How to use your email."
Jacob "How to get an image onto Google images."


  1. Hi Room 19
    Wonderful to see you asking neat questions about how to use you devices.

    One way that I learn how to do things is to try it out and see if I can make it work. When this doesn't work, and it does work more often than I expect, I then ask a friend who is already doing something or post a question just like you did!

    By trying things I don't always get it right but I do sometimes find clever ways to do things too!

    And if I make a mistake I have learnt something new anyway!

  2. Hi Room 19. Good to see that you're being so curious. I know my class from last year at Wesley Primary could help you out with Google Slides, changing your background and blog commenting. Unfortunately they have all left but a lot of them are at Wesley Intermediate so hopefully they will see this and give you a hand. Good luck!

  3. Hi Room 19,
    I heard that you need help so I have been working through this and my class decided to help.So check out my blog.Here's the link.http://hpsjahleenat.blogspot.co.nz/2016/02/tips-how-to-change-your-background-on.html

    Leave me a comment if you found it helpful

    Kind regards Jahleena

  4. Hey Room 19,
    I know its your guys first time using a Chromebook, we hope you guys do well and learn more about Chromebooks, when I first used a Chromebook I didn't know what to do, so I learn from other people who, use Chromebooks.

    By Lanu4mtcn@haypark.school.nz.

    1. http://hpslanug.blogspot.co.nz/2016/02/tips-for-anyone-who-as-chromebooks-and.html

  5. Hi Room 19, you seem to want some in formation on Chromebooks. Well, my friend & I were looking through your post & one of you wanted to know how to animate a picture, so me & him made a video on how too. Link to my blog: http://hpsnikolair.blogspot.co.nz/2016/02/how-to-make-animation-in-google-drawing.html

    I hope you find this video helpful for those needs.
    P.S, Chromebooks come with consequences too!

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  7. Hi Room 19,
    Wow, you have some new chromebooks. We have many skill from Hay Park School.We would like to show you guys.Here is my blog link to show you guys some skills for you to learn. http://hpsciciliaf.blogspot.co.nz/

    Leave a comment on my blog,If you can find it.

  8. Kia Ora Room 19,

    In Scott Class we have made some Screencastify recordings to answer some of your questions. Take a look at our individual blogs (they are on the right of our class blog http://hpsarcher.blogspot.co.nz/ ) and check out the recordings we have made. Hopefully they are helpful.
    From Mrs Archer & Scott Class

  9. Hi Room 19,
    I know this is your first time using your Chromebooks here are some tips and some tricks how to use a email.

    Here is the link

    If you found my blog and you found it helpful please comment

    Kind regards Sami

  10. Hi Room 19,
    my name is Alaskah and I'm in Hay Park School.
    Its good to be a inquisitive learner about Chromebooks.
    I see that you are trying to learn how to use the Chromebooks. I know lots about chrombooks so I want to help you. I made a screencastify with my buddy about how to use a email?

    I posted a blog post about how to using a email ... Copy this link that takes you to my blog post :

    I hope this screencastify helps you.


  11. Hi Room 19, In Scott class at Hay Park we have made some screen castify to answer a few of your questions.Check out my blog http://hpspetulisat.blogspot.co.nz/2016/02/tips-for-how-to-make-website.html. Hope the video can help you.
    From Petulisa.T

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  13. Hi there Room 19,In Scott Class we have been looking on your class blog,we have used screencastify to answer your questions,have a look on my blog please leave a comment.

  14. Kia ora Room 19,
    We have heard that you are new to your Chromebooks. We went through your question's and we've seen that some of you want to do animation. So we thought we will answer some question. Take a look at my blog.
    From Nikheel

  15. Hi room19, in Scott class at Hay park we have made some screencastify to answar a few of your question. Take a look at the one on my blog http://hpsmanahala.blogspot.co.nz/

  16. Hi Room 19 It's good that you are being excited about learning about your cool Chromebooks. Here is a link to our blog there is a surprise. http://hpsromanc.blogspot.co.nz/

  17. Hi Room 19,
    I hope yous love your Chromebooks.We got some skill that can help yous for your learning.We will love to show are skill to yous.Hear is a link to my blog to show yous some skill for yous to.https://drive.google.com/a/haypark.school.nz/file/d/0BxxPtPylwbYYM2d6b0lGd3JibTg/view?ts=56c397f8

  18. Hi Room 19,

    In room 7 we have heard that you guys wants help so we made a video and a blog post for you guy to watch and we did it for you guys.

  19. Hi Room 19,

    We heard that you need help with knowing how to use a chromebook so me and my buddy decided to make a screencastify explaining how to animate google slides.

    This is the link to my blog to find your answer :

    I hope this screencastify helps you ... Thankyou.

    Please leave a comment.

    Kind regards Hulita.

  20. Hi room 19, I love all your questions about Chromebooks. I am new to using them to so will be learning along with you guys.

  21. Hello I am Sophie From Paparoa Range School and I like the way yous have written everything down that is helpful and cool about the new Chromebooks in the classroom this year. I think that your next step is to write down what isn't working that good.
    You have Done a Marvelous job on your Brain Bubbles.