Saturday, 14 May 2016

Spectacular science

This term, our inquiry focus is on Soil. So we are investigating the wonderful dirt beneath our feet and understanding just what it is all about. The students in Room 19 can't wait to 'dig in' and start learning.

Over the last two weeks we have learnt about how a scientist thinks and the scientific method they undertake when engaging in an experiment.

Just what do all these big words mean?
Let's divide and conquer!!!
Scientist work in teams, so why don't we.

Then the time had finally come..........    let's experiment!!!!

The students had the opportunity to engage in two or three different experiments during the week.
Experiments were called; Energy transfer, O-Wing glider, Parachute and Mini boomerang.

Energy transfer experiment and PE combined
(running after the yellow ball to retrieve it).
Reading and measuring.
Science= Literacy and Mathematics  

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  1. Hello there !
    My name is Paige and i got to Paparoarange school i really like how you have told me about pe and what you have been up to really it looks great !