Thursday, 9 June 2016

Catch, set, dig and over the net!!!!

Over the last 4 weeks, Room 19 has been learning how to play volleyball. Beck's taught us all of the fundamental skills needed to successfully play a game.

Serve.  We had to consider how hard, high and just where we hit the ball to ensure it got to our partner
and not someone else in the line.

Dig! This is pretty challenging technique to master. 
Let's practice how we set!!!!
 (Setting the ball for your team mate to return it over the net)


  1. Thanks for the tips on how to do a dig room 19. I have spent a long time trying to get my dig going straight in the direction I want. I hope you have a few more games of volleyball this year because it is a lot of fun. When you have more tips please post them up for us!

  2. Hi Room 19, My name is Zoe from Paihia School. I really like how you described how you have to play volleyball. I’ve never known how to play volleyball so your guys description now tells me how to play properly. I also like the photos too. Keep up the good sport and work.
    Here is the link to our blog:
    I would also love to learn how to play volleyball. Maybe you guys could teach/tell me because it would be another experience for me.
    From Zoe :)