Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Garden to table (G2T)

We had our first Garden to Table session for 2017 today. Our class was split into 2 groups; 1 in the kitchen and the other in the garden. Here are some photos from the garden group today.

The garden group explored our school gardens and learnt about a lot of things to do with vegetables and flowers.


  1. Kia ora! I'm Katelynn from Greymain school Mamaku Hub! What a great start to the year! I like how you have got some photos of you in the garden. It looks like you had great fun! Did you enjoy working in the garden and baking in the kitchen?? I like how you have told us what you are doing in the post. This reminds of when Mr B took Mamaku out to the Grey Main school garden! It was lots of fun! Poroporoaki! (Bye in Maori!)

  2. Morena Room 19, my name is Kyra from Mamaku 1 @ Grey Main School. I like your post about gardening because it shows on the pictures that there are lot's of people being included in the activity. This reminds me of going to interchange in the garden at school. Maybe next time you could try telling us what some of the kids enjoyed or found hard and easy because I am curious to know more about your day. Miharo (Awesome) work Room 19!

  3. Greetings Room 19,

    It looks like a great garden! What sort of vegetables and flowers are you going to plan.
    Have you taken the weeds out yet and are you going to eat or sell the vegetables.

    Yaldhurst Model School

  4. Ola,
    Gardening looks fun. I love looking after the plants.

    Your sincerely, Hanan