Friday, 3 March 2017

Be caring!

Our focus for weeks 5 & 6 is 'Be caring'. This focus ties in nicely with our upcoming Green week and it helps us to remember to care for everything and everyone around us.


  1. Hello Room 19,
    That is a good focus. I like all of those ideas, I think it is important that people are caring to the environment. And it is the same with school resources, they aren't free!

    Yaldhurst Model School.

  2. Hello Room 19,

    I really like what you guys are focusing on, it's really cool. I think those ideas are really important, it's a great way to care for our enviroment.

    Yaldhurst Model School

  3. Kia Ora its Josh from Grey Main School Mamaku 1 it is so cool that you are going to look after the plants and be gentle with the insects and after the school because that is so kind. I really like what you guys are focusing on it's really important. I think those ideas are really important to look after the school grounds. good by

  4. Kia Ora Room 19. I really like your post on caring it will remind people to care more for wildlife. Maybe next time you could be more specific about how to care for them. Noho Ora Mai. From Honor and my buddy Riley.

  5. Hello room 19, I like that you have been learning to be caring for our enviroment because caring is very important, I'm looking forward for your posts in the future,
    thanks lucy from Yaldhurst Model SChool.

  6. hello our names are tahlya and payton we are students at kawakawa primary school in room 2 we really like your being caring presentation it made us think of our class treaty have you thought about doing a sceencastify if you would like to see our blogs go on this and paytons is

  7. Hi there, my name is lj and I am a student in room 2 at kawakawa primary School. I really like your be caring post. It made me think of the time i helped a person. Have you thought about making a screencastify If you would like to see my learning, my blog is

  8. Hi my name is hunter i am from yaldhurst model school.
    I like that plart it is so cool.

  9. hey there my is chloe i go to yaldhurst model school i thought this was so creative and cool