Friday, 21 July 2017

Welcome back learners for Term 3 !!! It is your responsibility to Be Organised for school life.

At school we have routines. Routines are very helpful as we know what it is we are doing and what tools we will need to have in order to successfully complete learning tasks. As a member of our school it is your RESPONSIBILITY to follow these simple but very IMPORTANT suggestions about how you can Be Organised.


  1. Hey there its Chloe from yaldhurst model school and i'm year 6. I think this is nice but maybe post a bit more.

  2. Hi room 19,
    I really like your post about keeping Organised maybe you should add more detail
    Thanks billie.

  3. Hello
    My name is Maddison a year 5 student from Yaldhurst Model School I liked how you did all the most important things what learning tool did you do it on?
    Ka Pi.

  4. I think that this is awesome next time maybe you could add what you are planning to do this week but other than that awesome

    Kind Regards
    Yaldhurst Model School

  5. hi i'm Mikael from Yaldhurst school I think that being organised is in important. i think that you should use examples.

  6. My name is Lauren a year 6 student from Yaldhurst Model School I really liked how you put down all the most important things.What learning tool did you do it on?
    Great Job. Here is a link to my blog Please leave a comment on it