Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Financial literacy- Money, money, money, moneeeeeey Money!

Today Room 19 had the opportunity to learn about how we use money and get some advice about how we can make our money grow. We had three wonderful people from BNZ share their expertise with us, challenging us to think about how we access and use money.

Here are a few photos........

We learnt about the Bank cards, ATM's and we discussed what was the best way to look after money.

Thank you very much to the wonderful staff at the BNZ for taking the time to educate us today. 


  1. Hey!
    I liked your post about BNZ, did you guys want to use anything they taught you? I've had them in my class and I know I liked learning about Save,Share,Spend. Did you learn about that?
    From Hannah,
    Yaldhurst Model School

  2. Kia Ora room 19
    I think that learning about money and how it works is a great thing. I Remember when the three people from BNZ came to our school and taught us about money. I Think it is important to learn about money because when we grow up we will need to know how to manage it and look after our money. You look like you had a great time and had lots of questions.You also looked like you had you were very intrigued which is a great thing.

    I know when BNZ came to our school i loved everything they taught us and couldn't pick a favourite part but what was your favorite part and if you do have a favourite part why is that you favourite part.

    Nui te whakawhetai
    Yaldhurst Model School

  3. Hi Room 19.
    This is a great post about money because it is important to learn about money.
    I remember learning about about money last year using banquer.
    Year 6
    Yaldhurst Model School