Friday, 16 March 2018


What a CRAZY but EXCELLENT day!!!

The reason for this very special day was to support the Shave for Cure fundraising event. Students and staff kindly donated a gold coin/s, raising over $600.

Four very special teachers went the extra mile today and shaved their hair in order to  raise more money for this very worthy cause. While we are all very proud of all of the staff that shaved their heads today, we are especially proud of Mrs Mudgway.


  1. Kia ora Room 6,
    Thanks for sharing your crazy hair day photos. It is awesome that you are raising money for such a special cause - Shave for Cure. One of my very special friends is having her hair shaved this week at school for the same cause. I think it takes a very brave person to do this so I can see why you are so proud of Mrs Mudgway and your other teachers too. Congratulations on raising over $600. Had you heard of the Save for Cure charity before?

  2. Kia Ora Ruma Ono, I'm Indi from Karoro School ( Ruma Rima ). I like your hairdo's a lot! You guys are awesome at raising over 6000 dollars! Your picture and slide is very well done and the pictures are clear. Next time maybe you could take some closeup photos of the teachers hair because I could not see them very well! Thank you for sharing this with me! If you would
    like to visit my blog type up this: Indira @ Karoro School on the Ruma Rima website ( Karoro School )

  3. Hi its me Sahar. Mr lyons, Mr GreenField and Miss Mudgeway you Were really brave to do that!