Wednesday, 25 March 2015

And the Race was on! JPEG Image
People were cheering and shouting, there were many splashes in the water. It was the first race of the day and people were shouting like elephants! It was very competitive but in the end, our class won the first race!
The next race was also very competitive but we still managed to squeeze in another win! The next two races didn't go as well.
After a while I was up for the noodle relay. I got into the water and tried kicking but my teammate was running too fast that I nearly got my face dunked in the water! Luckily I gripped on and started kicking. We made it 
to the end in no time.  I jumped out of the pool and went to get my towel, keeping myself warm before my next race which was up for the seal race. I stood in the line waiting for my turn. Then I was up for my turn!JPEG Image
I didn't go as fast as I had expected to but I made it as fast as I could. I clambered out of the pool and grabbed my towel, then watched our class racing.
The rest of the class cheered as people swum.
It was soon the Finale! We had won! Our class did a dance and everyone got changed. It was a very exciting day!

By Bastion

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