Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Big Splash

The Big Splash

Melinda, Nahlah and I were chatting when we heard a yell. It was Mr Bennett explaining what the first race was.
Teacher's please get your kids into their line‘s for Free Style, Mr Bennett shouted! Five girls headed up to the end of the pool.
Go Melinda, Go Melinda, shouted the whole class! She was first up and we watched her blast off after Mr Faulder shouted “ON YOUR MARKS GET SET GO”
Once she had finished, Ms Frost told her she had come second. After the other three girls it was me.
I decided to dive to get a boost toward the end! Once I finished the race Ms Frost said that I’d come second. I was pretty proud of myself for coming second!!!
 Iona, Leiola and Portia were finalists in freestyle!!

By Grace

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