Friday, 16 September 2016

Green Week

Green week- A gift for Mother Earth.

During week 8, Room 19 students had the opportunity to learn more about 3 different ways in which they could make a difference to our community and our beautiful planet.

Some students decided to learn more about the difference and the effects of tagging versus a mural. They learnt to appreciate the power of a mural and began designing a personal mural that represented them. They had to think about what images to include, the message they wanted their audience to get from their art and most importantly, consider the impact of art on their community as opposed to tagging. 
Mural in the making.
The other learning choice was to discover more about the PLASTIC BOTTLE. The learnt about how the plastic bottle is made and also some creative ways in which we could re use it again and again before we actually recycled it.
Gumball machine- Project that is still in the making!!!
Trash 2 Treasure. There is an old expression "one mans trash is another mans treasure".  Well here is just one of the many great ideas or ways in which we can turn trash into treasure.

Yussra used GOOS (Good On One Side) paper to make flowers for her parents. 

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