Friday, 2 September 2016

Speech time!!!

Some students like to give speeches, for some, just the thought of speaking in front of an audience is scary. It is never easy to stand confidently and share your ideas with others as they all look at you. But, it is something that definitely gets easier the more you do it. So, I would like to say that I am very PROUD of all of the students in Room 19 for having the courage to deliver their wonderful speeches in front of their peers (29 other people).

For our Kauri team speech final competition I only selected 4 students from our class. I selected the following students based on this criteria; topic, content was persuasive, excellent eye contact, they spoke at a good pace and their main points were developed well. Grace delivered a fantastic speech about bullying, Annalisse shared very valid and persuasive reasons about why we should not keep dolphins or whales in captivity, Nahlah who is very passionate about felines gave us very good reasons as to why we should adopt a cat and Melinda provided us with great  ideas about why our school should have a tuck shop.

We, the members of Room 19 were very proud of all of these AMAZING young learners you see in the photo below. The results are as follows;

Nahlah received 3rd place along with another student and Annalisse came 1st place and will be representing our school in the upcoming Inter-school competition.

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