Friday, 23 June 2017

Manners matter!!!!! Focus for the rest of the term. Practice them for the rest of our lives!!!

Please try to use your manners where ever you go. Thank you to those of you who stop, look and listen to the speaker. If you need to talk to someone, wait politely and then say "excuse me".  Remember that you can also say "excuse me please" when you would like to get past someone.


  1. Hi Room 19,
    I like that this post has a picture, I think it makes it more effective. I look forward to your next posts,

    Thanks, Ariana,
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  2. Hi My name is Billie I go to Yaldhurst model school. I really like your post because your are showing people what you should use in your manners.

  3. Hey there my name is Chloe I go to yaldhurst model school i'm year 6. i really I like this because I think it would be good for the little ones and us to.