Friday, 23 June 2017

Our trip to MOTAT (Museum Of Transport And Technology)

On Thursday this week (22nd June, 2017), Rooms 19, 23 & 24 went to MOTAT. We had an AWESOME time exploring and engaging with the exhibits. Have you heard the expression "A picture tells a thousand words" before? Well it's true. Please enjoy viewing just a few of the pictures that were taken on this FANTASTIC day.

In the beginning..........

All 3 classes in the Dome, to meet our teacher for the day. 

Then we were set free to EXPLORE and LEARN more!!!!!

Wow our classroom is really
different compared to this one!

We visited heaps of different buildings and then it was our time to have our lesson with Ben & Abby.

Ben was telling us about the different
types of bridges there are.   
Ben and Abby building bridges
while explaining the science behind them
Then it was our turn...................................... to build bridges..................................................

This activity required TEAMWORK!!!
Great suspension bridge boys!
Engineers of the future.

So we learnt that bridges are made out of steel, wood and concrete. Thankfully, full scale bridges are not really made out of K'nex.


EXCELLENT team work everyone!!! You built a fantastic ARCH bridge.
On behalf of the Room 19 students and myself I would like to thank the teachers who organised this learning experience for us, the whanau who came along and supported a group and the staff at MOTAT for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. Last but not least, the students for really engaging in all of the AWESOME exhibits.


It was just to hard to pick only 1 AMAZING student to receive this Merit Certificate this week so......



  1. hi my name is tahlya and i go to kawakawa primary school i really like you trip to the muesem it made me think of going on a trip myself u sould have put it in a video great post (YAY)if u would like 2 see my learning here is my blog

  2. Hi my name is hunter from yaldhurst school that is a cool card and good for the class room

  3. hi my name is Base and i go to yaldhurst model school i really like you trip to the museum it made me think of going on a trip myself u should have put it in a video great post.
    good job

  4. Hey my name is Chloe, I go to Yaldhurst Model School. Was it a fun trip ?? It looks fun. I really like how you got alot of photos.

  5. Hi Room 19,
    I love doing school trips to the museum! This looks really fun! The dome looks so cool; I agree with the saying 'A picture tells a thousand words!'. I can't wait for OUR next trip to the museum!

    Ariana, Yaldhurst Model School.

  6. Kia Ora Room 19,
    my name is Hannah and I'm from Grey Main Schools Mamaku Hub.
    This looks like a really fun place to visit! I like that you added pictures so that we could see what the place looked like. Maybe next time, you could add a video of you guys doing something to make it more interesting.
    I think its great that you awarded the whole class because I think everyone would have done great!
    The place looked awesome and maybe one day I will go there.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Kia Ora Room 19 and Miss Mills,
    I really like how you made Bridges and how you styled them did you have to look at pictures to make them?

    This Kind off reminds me off when we went to west port for our camp and went to all of these museum's and the Classroom looks like the shantytown classroom that you could go in and get dressed in old clothes and bonnets.

    Next time you could make a video that the viewers could see what you were doing and how you liked it also you could add how you liked it and would you go back again.

    Kind Regards
    Check out my blog

  8. Hi room 19 I was wondering how many bridges did you learn about.

  9. Kia ora Room 19,
    Thanks for sharing your photos from your trip to MOTAT. I haven't been to MOTAT for many years and your pictures have inspired me to go back and check it out again. We have a place called Heritage Park in Whangarei and they have an old classroom set up just like the one you saw at MOTAT. You are right, it looks quite different to the classrooms of today. Did you get a chance to try writing with a feather and ink? It was great to see the team work and collaboration on the bridge building.

  10. Hi room 19,
    i really like your blog post because it looks really exciting from your photos. was going to MOTAT really fun or was it not let me know thanks

  11. Hi there room 19
    It looks like you had lots of fun at the motat. You look like you learnt lots aswell. I was just wondering maybe next time tell us what your favourite sound.

    Yours sincerely

  12. Hi my name is Mele.I really like your description at the top and the way you described what you were doing in the photos.Maybe you could no a video with all the photos to make it easier.What would you rate your trip from 1-5?