Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Green Week- Bee Proactive

This week we have been learning about the AMAZING invertebrate the BEE. Room 6 students have been busy worker bees, and our classroom has become a HIVE of activity. Please enjoy viewing this presentation that contains our learning focus and some student work.


  1. Talofa Lava or should I say BZZZZZZ Room6,
    Thanks for sharing your learning about bees, it is great to read more about the impact they have on our lives and why we should BEE proactive. I especially loved your google drawings of bees and how you labelled them. It's hard to imagine a world without bees pollinating all of our food - I didn't realise the percentage of plants that bees pollinated. We are lucky that bees are such hard workers. We really rely on them so need to look after them well. Have you come up with any strategies or found anything out about how we can support bees?

  2. Kia ora im Christina from gilberthorpe school this is a nice i like how you put a picher of a bee so people know what kind of bee there is there are two difrentt kind of be there is i can be good or a bumble be it is nice you nock my socks off with how to know about beez they buzzzzz but its cool about how you learn about beez-Christina.

  3. Talofa Lava koutou Thanks for sharing about bees this is very cool i hope that other people will know about bees with this.Did yous think about adding how you got this answers. How did you do this because next time you can add more reason why and how