Friday, 25 May 2018

Hamburger planning

This term we are learning how to write a information report. Our inquiry focus is Invertebrates, so we have been learning about the different types and we will choose one to write about.

Here is a look at how we plan for our writing.


  1. kio ora l liked the way you l'm olivia l from gilbethorpe school you brought me back to went l make one

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  2. Hi i'm Azire From Gilberthoper.School I love this because it brought me back to when i did this at my old school.Did you think about making the writing bigger so that people an see i can't.Maybe you can look back and try again before you post it!

  3. kia ora my name is lacie i am from gilberthorpe school. this brought me back to when I made a burger for my auntys birthday.