Friday, 1 May 2015

Apology Letters

Big Bad Wolf
26 Blackout Ave
Dark woods

Thursday 29th September 2014

Dear Three Little Pigs,
I am very sorry for all the things that I have done to you. 
Forgive me for destroying Pig One and Pig Two’s residence.
My mum insisted that I build you a bigger and better house made out of brick. I could also add a wrought iron grill so no annoying wolves climb down your chimney.

Pig Three please forgive me for  jumping down your chimney and making a mess of ash and soot in your wonderful house.
I could help vacuum your house for the next 2 weeks!!!

I regret  trying to eat you too. I will cook anything you want for dinner for one whole month (except when i'm sick :>) I will also bake your favourite cakes  for dessert

Your sincerely
Big Bad Wolf

P.S. I have to do chores for 2 months.

Piggy Cottage
9 Malcolm Road.

Friday 1st May

Dear The Three Little Pigs,

I am sorry about trying to eat you. It was a horrible idea. I don't even know if pigs taste good.
I am sorry about blowing down two of your houses with my powerful breath.
The timber and sticks  will be in the container I sent you  I even cut down the wood with the brand new axe I received for my birthday.
I hope I did n’t wreck your chimney when I tried to climb down and capture you.
I hope you are okay I am sending most of the materials to replace what I broke, in a container so that you can rebuild the houses that I destroyed.
My mum says that I will have to help you rebuild the houses and don't worry my mum will  be ‘keeping an eye’ on me.
I will be taking a Hunger Management class as well. My mum says she is really disappointed in me and I can't have my special juicy steak in the weekend.
I will never ever ever come after you again like that. I promise and I truly mean it .

Yours sincerely
The Big bad Wolf                            
P.S  I have to do my chores twice a week.                  

Wu Webby

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